ABOUT US qualifications

Aquatic Facility Design, Inc. is uniquely qualified to design your aquatic structure so it lasts for generations to come, continuing to inspire and function on multi-levels of use. Whether you are renovating or building new, we incorporate tried-and-true practices of aquatic construction to design a modern, state-of-the-art facility.

Integrating Old-world Techniques into Innovative Designs

Aquatic Facility Design, Inc. has its roots firmly planted in the actual construction, renovation and maintenance of pools - an unmatched level of experience achieved over 50 years. What makes us unique among aquatic designers is our one-of-a-kind knowledge of pool construction from the past.

Pools built in the '30s and still in use today provide us the opportunity to gain valuable insight into those construction practices that result in aquatic structures that stand the test of time. By working on pools of all ages and virtually all conceivable types, we’ve amassed a knowledge base that is second-to-none. We’ve taken this specialized knowledge and integrated it into our innovative and visually striking aquatic designs.

A Multi-Use Facility Approach

No company better understands construction and use requirements than Aquatic Facility Design. We incorporate a multi-use facility approach to each and every design for public or group activity use. This multi-use facility approach ensures activities are available for all age groups and activity levels.

Not only does this make our aquatic venues more user-friendly, it also enhances revenue-building opportunities for our clients. By opening your facility to a larger user-base, the sustainability of your project is ensured.

Pioneers in the Industry

Aquatic Facility Design is leading the industry with our segmented designs. While the pools of today are designed with a single concrete base, we design pools as segments. By doing so, the structure is able to flex and shift, preventing the cracks and foundation breaks that commonly affect today’s pools. With segmented designs, our projects outlive their less structurally sound counterparts.

Contact us today to learn how our designs, which integrate old-word construction techniques with timeless beauty and multi-use function, can transform your dream project into reality.

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