Aquatic Design Facility, Inc., is today’s premier aquatic design firm because of our extensive experience, unique ability to combine innovation with old-word techniques, and strong emphasis on aesthetics.


Segmented construction is Aquatic Facility Design's preferred method of swimming pool design construction. Segmented construction unlike monolithic construction allows for expansion and contraction of the complete structure during climate changes, resulting in extended longevity of the swimming pool structure. Segmented construction consists of strategically placed expansion or construction joints between individual wall and floor sections of the structure.

All construction drawings are created with a high level of detail. This insures a clear vision of the design intent will be carried through to the builder, thus providing the owner with a document that is clear, concise and enforceable.

See examples of our Architectural Drawings of Our Construction Methods

The following project pages will show various stages of design projects under construction. These photo & descriptions will show segmented construction methods.

Wading Pool Renovation at Swim Club
Pool Renovation at Minersville Community Pool
Pool Renovation J.S. Mack Foundation Pool

Focus on Beauty

While Aquatic Facility Design specializes in structurally sound designs and old-world techniques, we focus on beauty. Every project we design is not only built to withstand the test of time, it is also designed to impress.

We take into account the surrounding area and the project goals to design a structure that will last and maintain its beauty for years to come. Our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing — they are also multi-functional and are able to be enjoyed by swimmers of all ages and levels of physical capabilities.

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