Water spray ground designs provide a fun, safe alternative to commercial swimming pool and recreational facilities that cater to families with children. Splash park designs incorporate a variety of fountains, sprays and padded surfaces that make time spent at the pool or park relaxing for the whole family.

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Spray grounds and splash pads make cooling off not only safe, but also a terrific option when mom and dad don't feel like jumping in the pool. Explore the splash parks we've created, schedule a consultation and find out how we can make your park more refreshing and fun.

Featured Projects for Spray Parks

Willow Grove Naval Air Station Aquatic
Playground Splash Pad

This project is unique in that the existing facility originally had two swimming pools, one of which the owner choose to close several years prior to this renovation. That swimming pool was a large oval pool approximately 10 feet deep in the center. Several years prior to the installation of the splash pad, the owner cored holes in the floor of the pool and filled the pool with clean fill. This was the location where the owner wanted to place the new splash pad. In order to save the expense of the removing the existing buried pool shell AFD decided to use the existing walls for support and the existing footprint of the pool became the area for the new splash pad. AFD reused the existing filtration room for this project. This project was a federal government project, all of the features & equipment had to be manufactured in the USA. This Aquatic Playground was designed for all ages.

Airport Park, Firefly Splash Pad

This Aquatic Playground was placed in an existing park. The existing park is all-inclusive as the features are 100% ADA accessible. The owner, a local non-prophet foundation wanted to expand what was offered at the site by adding a completely accessible aquatic play area. The entire system is ran by a preprogrammed computer controller that not only monitors the chemicals treating the water but also sequences the spray features. The controller offers the client the option of 6 (six) different sequences that can be used with the pad. The owner can also program in his own sequences. When a child or an adult presses the activator button located on the pad the controller starts the system and the fun begins. This park is uniquely situated so that patrons from New York and New Jersey are served.

Mount Pleasant Splash Pad

This pad was created to serve all ages. An Aquatic Playground placed in an existing park next to the ball fields & skate park.

Middletown Community Pool Complex Splash Pad

Splash pad was designed for ages 6 and under. This pad replaced the aging & outdated wading pool.

Milton Community Pool Complex Splash Pad

This pad was created to serve all ages. The complex was not large enough to build an addition to the existing pool. The existing complex lacked play amenities. This pad was created to provide stimulating interactive play to all ages of children in the community.

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