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When it comes to the design or renovation of custom swimming pools, nobody in the industry can match the expertise and quality provided by Aquatic Facility Design. We create custom swimming pool plans that define the differences between an unimaginative, lackluster aquatic structure and a pool that fulfills the owner's every functional and aesthetic goal. Why settle when a truly custom swimming pool design is within your reach?


All aquatic structures and features have specific functions, whether for exercise, sport, recreation or relaxation. Without proper planning, a swimming pool can either be too basic or too elaborate. The ideal custom pool plan perfectly blends desired appearance with design, environment, safety and regulatory considerations.

At Aquatic Facility Design, our custom swimming pool designs will strike a balance to create aquatic facilities that are both practical and visually appealing. Our designers draw upon 50 years of aquatic construction experience while taking surrounding architecture and landscape into account, so the pool's appearance blends beautifully into its nearby environment. Such considerations may lead to outdoor swimming pools that mirror the lines of neighboring buildings, or pool colors designed to reflect the sky, building lights, natural rock features or cloud-covered mountains.

The indoor pools we create are just as visually stunning and practical as our outdoor structures with a range of lighting and finishing materials and effects. We've created elegant indoor glass tiled pools with a classical Roman feel as well as underwater-lit pools that create unique shadows on walls and ceilings.

The materials and colors you choose will provide the backdrop for a beautiful and functional aquatic structure that compliments your surrounding environment - both indoors and out.


At Aquatic Facility Design, our design experts rely on the finest old world construction techniques and the latest and best design innovations to create the ideal modern custom swimming pool plan. We can add a spa or a spray park to your design. We can create an infinity pool that makes the most of your surrounding environment. Lap pools and hot pools are common features today in commercial pool design, too. Because we consider portions of your facility the public never sees, we also use the latest recirculation and filtration systems and energy sources to make your structure the strongest, soundest, and most efficient possible. The bottom line? We can design a quality modern custom water structure that will meet the needs of all your guests - or your business.

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