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Aquatic Facility Design, Inc., is a full service aquatic design firm that specializes in the creation of heirloom quality, investment-grade pools and water structures. We have extensive experience in the creation, construction, maintenance and renovation of aquatic facilities. Our pool designer's philosophy is built around the principle of creating luxurious home swimming environments that are functional, beautiful and made to last.

One of the qualities that set us apart from other design firms is our commitment to designing for time-tested construction practices. Instead of cutting corners with less proven methods, we rely on techniques that result in beautiful environments built to withstand the test of time. Quite simply, at Aquatic Facility Design, we blend our experience building utilizing the finest old world construction practices, with the latest innovative design techniques and aquatic technology to design among the finest and most luxurious residential pools in the world.


From marble and stone to porcelain tile, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to your home swimming pool design. We can create visually stunning indoor pool designs that capture the essence of your lifestyle as well as outdoor residential pool designs that blend perfectly with your environment and existing architecture. From lap pools to in-ground pools to spas and more, no other aquatic structure company in the industry can match the design and construction expertise of Aquatic Facility Design.

A Commitment to Long-Lasting Quality

Our luxury pool designers and renovation experts marry the best of old world construction practices with the latest in modern, innovative design to create structures of incredible beauty and durability. Need to renovate? No problem: we can plan a swimming pool renovation that will have your guests sighing in envy. Instead of cutting corners with less proven methods, we rely on techniques that result in beautiful environments built to withstand the test of time.


Aquatic Facility Design has a unique background into the construction, renovation and maintenance of aquatic structures. Our sister company, Boyer Pools, has constructed many of the finest residential, recreational and professional pools since 1963. During that time, we’ve had the opportunity to dissect and study pools from as far back as the 1930s — pools that have outlasted their contemporary counterparts. In the process, we’ve maintained a commitment to those tried-and-true practices instead of replacing them with today’s quality-compromising short cuts.


All aquatic structures and features have specific functions, whether for exercise, sport, recreation or relaxation. Without proper planning, a swimming pool can either be too basic or too elaborate. The ideal custom pool plan perfectly blends desired appearance with design, environment, safety and regulatory considerations.

At Aquatic Facility Design, our custom swimming pool designs will strike a balance to create aquatic environments that are both practical and visually appealing. Our designers draw upon 50 years of aquatic construction experience while taking surrounding architecture and landscape into account, so the pool's appearance blends beautifully into its nearby environment. Such considerations may lead to outdoor swimming pools that mirror the lines of neighboring buildings, or pool colors designed to reflect the sky, building lights, natural rock features or cloud-covered mountains.

The indoor pools we create are just as visually stunning and practical as our outdoor structures with a range of lighting and finishing materials and effects. We’ve created elegant indoor glass tiled pools with a classical Roman feel as well as underwater-lit pools that create unique shadows on walls and ceilings.

The materials and colors you choose will provide the backdrop for a beautiful and functional aquatic structure that compliments your surrounding environment — both indoors and out.

Contact us today to start planning your heirloom, investment-grade pool that will best fit your lifestyle.

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