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When it comes to the creation, planning and renovation of family and community pools, no other aquatic design firm can match the quality and expertise provided by Aquatic Facility Design. We custom design each and every swimming pool and aquatic structure to meet or exceed your expectations while adhering to rigorous quality, functionality, environmental and safety standards. Explore our public and country club swimming pool design options, learn about our 50-year industry history, and find out how our unique blend of old world craftsmanship expertise and modern design innovations will keep the needs of your guests firmly in mind.

Featured Projects for Family & Community Facilities

White Township & J.S. Mack Foundation

A community renovation project consisting of an existing outdoor main pool, wading pool and bathhouse. Renovation features conversion of conventional flat water main pool design to a community multi-use complex within the existing footprint of the main pool. The multi-use approach to design insures activities are available for all age groups and activity levels. The existing flat water pool built in 1952 and renovated in the 1980’s was outdated & did not provide entertainment or activities by modern standards. In addition, the pool was not ADA accessible. The pool water depth went from 3 feet to 12 feet with most of the pool depth being 5 feet or greater. The original layout of the pool was utilized for long coarse training but no swim clubs or teams in the area utilized the pool for competitions. The small circular wading pool was poorly located and did not allow parents with children in both pools to adequately supervise their children. This wading pool had a built in fountain that was no longer in operation and the pool was not ADA accessible. This pool was eliminated in the renovation.

The new multi-use design incorporates age specific play and recreation areas, as well as, competition swimming and an integral wading area within the existing foot print of the main pool. The unified body of water design features varying flow rates. Design incorporated a diatomaceous earth pressure vessel for removal of cryptosporidium, a UV system for increased sanitation efficiency, and variable frequency drives on the motors for energy efficiency. Design also incorporates new and refurbished filtration as well as new and refurbished mechanical systems. All structural designs feature our unique and long life segmented design.

This project is a phased project. Phase I Swimming Pool & Phase II bathhouse.

Phase I, Swimming Pool

Design Features:

General Facility Features

  • Tiled Zero Depth Entry 62 feet in length
  • Heated water
  • New fixed-in-place and portable life guard stands with umbrellas
  • Full ADA compliance
  • Age appropriate zoned play areas and specific activity areas
  • Competition Swimming Area

Toddler & preschool play area 1,512 sq. ft

  • Zero entry area interactive ground sprays
  • Themed toddler/preschool slide
  • Wall sprays
  • Divider wall to separate the older kids from the toddler & pre-school aged swimmers
  • Sun Shade in the new wading area for caregivers and younger children
  • Additional return sumps delivering up to 1800gpm of filtered water to area

Intermediate active Play area 3,825 sq. ft

  • Zero depth entry with spray features
  • Interactive ground sprays
  • Wall sprays
  • Variety of themed spray features for all age groups
  • Themed floatables installed in the intermediate play areas

Open swim area with over 8,874 sq. ft

Open swim space can be used for adult, lap, or open swimming, as well as programmed

aquatic activities

  • Two (2) 50 meter training lanes
  • Eight lane, 25 yard competition area to USA Swimming specifications
  • KDI Paragon starting platforms

Deep well is 1,500 sq. ft of 12’ deep water

  • 750 sq. ft of deep well reserved for slide use and 750 sq. ft available for open diving or deep water exercise
  • Closed flume corkscrew slide

Mechanical & Electrical upgrades

  • Electrical upgrades to existing filter room
  • New VGB compliant drain system
  • Refurbished existing Filtrex pressure DE filter
  • New Sand filter installed specifically to filter feature return water
  • New pump(s) with VFD(s)
  • UV disinfectant system
  • New Chemical Systems

Phase II, Bathhouse Facilities

Open-air style bathhouse had a complete redesign of the interior spaces inclusive of men’s and women’s locker rooms, offices, lifeguard area and concession area. The new layout features two (2) new ADA compliant unisex family changing areas, showers and restrooms. The building renovation features a complete renovation of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. Cosmetic upgrades were added to both the interior and the exterior of this 1950’s era stone building.

Design Features

  • New concrete floors with improved trench style drains under open air roof areas
  • Repair of existing porcelain block walls
  • Two (2) new ADA family facilities complete with showers
  • Privacy walls installed for both the men and women’s restrooms
  • New changing stalls, bathroom partitions & shower partitions
  • New primary (child size) toilets installed for both men’s & women’s restrooms
  • Diaper changing stations in each area of the facility
  • Infant seats installed in a shower & a toilet stall for both men & women’s restrooms and family facilities
  • New benches & coin operated lockers
  • Tankless hot water heaters
  • Roll up style doors for security when the facility is closed
  • Exhaust fans were added to the shower areas in existing facilities
  • New showerheads designed specifically for swimming facilities
  • Replaced existing roof drains and added additional roof drains
  • Roof repairs were completed

Concession stand renovations & layout changes

  • A commercial grade gas cooking range with a Stainless Steel hood was added to the concession equipment
  • New stainless steel three bowl sink
  • Stainless steel hand washing sink
  • Increased storage areas
  • New counter tops
  • New doorway created with a commercial grade screen door to improve air circulation
  • Additional exhaust fans were added to concession area

Exterior park bathrooms were renovated to current ADA standards

Learn more about the White Township & J.S. Mack Foundation project


Borough of Blossburg

A community renovation project of an existing Outdoor Aquatic Complex. Renovation features conversion of conventional flat water design to a community multi-use complex. The multi-use approach to design insures activities are available for all age groups and activity levels. This project was designed to the most current ADA standards.

Design incorporates age specific play and recreation areas, as well as competition swimming and a children’s play area.

A zero entry was added to the pool in the location of the children’s play area. The area features a Pebble Tec finish with tile borders that blend with the natural environment of the park.

A stainless steel gutter system was added to the pool. The system features varying flow rates for use specific areas of the pool.

The design featured the refurbishment of the existing DE filtration system.

This project included:

General Facility Features

  • Zero depth entry featuring Pebble Tec finish
  • Heated water
  • Full ADA Compliance
  • Age appropriate zoned play areas and specific activity areas
  • New stainless steel perimeter gutter system featuring area specific variable flow rates

In pool play & wading area

  • Zero entry access to main pool.
  • Pebble Tec surface coating to zero entry floor
  • Pop Jets interactive ground spray feature at zero entry
  • Level children’s play area within the new zero entry addition
  • Dumping bucket water feature within new play area
  • Divider wall between shallow water play area & deeper water areas

Open swim area & main pool body

  • Competition Swimming lanes & lane lines.
  • Reinstalled double flume slide
  • New VGB drain sumps & grates

Mechanical Upgrades

  • Renovation of existing filtration room
  • Refurbishment of the existing vacuum DE filter system
  • New filter pump & piping

Improved site amenities

  • New decking around perimeter of renovated pool.
  • New lifeguard chairs with umbrellas for shade protection
  • Creation of an accessible route to existing wading pool & concession area.
  • New double-sided planter installed to separate existing wading pool & main pool areas.
  • Entire project was themed to blend with the natural setting of island park.
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