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Aquatic Facility Design's expert team is uniquely positioned to understand your needs and goals. Unlike typical aquatic architects, we have a long background in the actual construction, renovation and maintenance of aquatic structures. We tap into this extensive experience from our sister company, Boyer Pools, which for 50 years has built many of the finest swimming pools, recreational facilities and aquatic structures in the business.

One-of-a-Kind Expert Advice

At Aquatic Facility Design, we don't just take your design idea and turn it into a blueprint. Instead, we put in the time to do our research in order to fully understand your end goals. This means we carefully listen to you, review the site and assess the surrounding area. We learn about your intended users and your expected - and projected — usage requirements. Additionally, we carefully research your proposed site’s environmental and safety regulations and incorporate those requirements into your design.

Once we fully understand what you’re trying to achieve with your aquatic structure, we can then offer expert advice that only decades of experience in the building, renovating and maintenance of aquatic structures can bring. We will offer alternatives and ideas that will help improve on your initial idea and ensure the longevity, structural integrity and maximum earning potential of your aquatic facility. From the design of brand new commercial aquatic structures to residential swimming environments, our experts can handle it all.

What sets our consultation process apart from typical swimming pool companies is our unique understanding of the old-world construction techniques that have resulted in the soundest aquatic structures. While most will base a design on a monolithic structure - one single piece of concrete — we employ a tried-and-true segmented design practice that ensures pools last for generations. With a structure designed in segments, the structure is more flexible and avoids the cracks and breaks commonly found in today's designs.


Our experienced team of consultants will provide valuable insight into your aquatics project, regardless of the type. Coming from a long history of construction, renovation and maintenance, we’ve worked with and consult on virtually all types of aquatic structures and their components, including:

  • New Construction or Renovation Design
  • Bathhouse and Support Structures
  • Features (such as aquatic toys, sprays and slides)
  • Finishes and Finish Refurbishment
  • Design Layout for Programming Enhancement
  • Mechanical Renovation and Repair
  • Piping Replacements
  • Structural Repair
  • Code Compliance


More than your aquatic facility design consultants, we can also oversee the construction of your project to ensure it meets our high standards for excellence. By managing and overseeing the construction, we can prevent any short cuts that may otherwise be taken — short cuts that can compromise the structural integrity of your aquatic structure and shorten the longevity of your dream pool or facility.

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